Cranberry heart and bladder


Cranberry can protect the cardiovascular system and the renal tract pathways of the disease. The protective effect of blueberries against cystitis is on everyone’s lips. Some scientific studies show this positive effect. Cranberries Trialix are rich in antioxidants and other valuable ingredients that fight inflammation and reduce cholesterol levels, for example. Therefore, the cardiovascular system can also benefit from cranberries.


Antioxidant value in blueberries.

The blueberries contain a type A of hydroxidensides, high value antioxidants and very effective to protect the human body from the damage of free radicals derived from food and the environment.


Most other fruits often contain less effective than B-proanthocyanidins.


It is well known that cranberry juice is used for inflammation of the  Trialix CANADA bladder. However, there are only a few studies that clearly show the effect of cranberry on cystitis.


The meta-analysis of several studies conducted by British and American researchers has shown that contradictory results may be the result of the lack of mandatory standards in blueberry trials.


On the one hand, the quantities of blueberries used vary. On the other hand, the juice is used in some studies, in other powders and in other capsules. In addition, the number of people studied has declined prematurely, which means that in the end you can not talk about similar results, much less useful results.





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