Semolina bisphenol-A in sales receipts.


Checks, airline tickets, ATM receipts and many other paper products contain bisphenol A, a toxic substance similar to the hormone. If you take the paper, this can only cause the BPA to be loaded at the height of your body. Tevida But not only through the skin does the BPA organism enter. If you eat a sandwich, an apple or anything else that you pick up after eating the money, you eat toxic BPA and you increase the risk of several life-threatening diseases.


Thermal paper with BPA coating

Bisphenol A is a chemical found in many plastic products. Applications range from packaging food and water bottles to toys!


Even the cans are lined with BPA material. However, packets of fruits or Tevida CANADA  salads from the supermarket and many products for babies and young children are contaminated with psphenol.


The potential harm to health can not be more varied. BPA was originally developed as an artificial alternative to estrogen. Therefore, it is an active hormonal substance that can disturb the sensitivity of human-sensitive hormonal balance, which can be particularly unfavorable in children.







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