Protein deficiency can lead to hair loss

Protein deficiency can lead to hair loss
Strong and full it should be, resistant and shiny: the wild mane. However, if the protein supply is inadequate, hair loss can threaten. To this finding, scientists from Harvard University. But beware: protein is not the same protein and too much protein can harm the hair rather than helping it. Learn how to cover your protein needs in a healthy way and what factors can endanger your hair as well!

Proteins against hair loss
Our hair consists mainly of proteins (proteins) called keratins . Therefore, a lack of proteins can also contribute to hair loss. According to scientists at Harvard University , strong hair is based on sufficient protein intake.

If the body is not sufficiently supplied with protein , the formation of keratin necessary for hair growth suffers. Dry, brittle hair and hair loss can be the result.

Protein intake affects hair growth
A healthy protein metabolism is therefore of great importance for ourĀ Keto Blast hair growth. A fundamental condition for a functioning protein metabolism is the uptake of all amino acids in the correct ratio.

Already a missing amino acid can disturb the recycling process. A balanced, high-quality protein intake is therefore all the more important for an intact organism in general and for healthy hair in particular.

Despite the overabundance of animal and vegetable protein sources in the Western world, protein deficiencies can occur in certain populations. People who eat unbalanced or even suffer from an eating disorder risk a protein deficiency and possible sequelae.

Significant warning signs of a possible protein deficiency are not only hair loss, but also severe tiredness, depression , anemia or immunosuppression.

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