Do not ask for treatment suggestions

Do not ask for treatment suggestions in the comments.
Similarly, on the contrary, no request for treatment proposals should be published as follows:

“Hello ZDG team, I have knee pain, what should I do?”

“I suffer from Vitzliputzli’s disease, my doctor told me to take ABC medication, should I really do it?”

“My last blood test showed the following values: …, …, …, …, …, … How can I feed myself, until the values ​​improve again?”

We do not know you or your medical history. We also do not know their diet and way of life. We do not know your family, professional and emotional situation.

Therefore, individual and individual therapeutic suggestions Trialix can not be made in response to comments. We can also develop in comments responses to any food plan for you. We should not question your doctor or analyze your blood levels.

To ask questions of this type, you should consult a holistic therapist and / or nutritionist or read first about specialized literature.

There are no ads in the comments.
If your comment now with no ulterior motives or for advertising purposes for business names, and perhaps even a link to an online store that matches, it may still be there.

For example, if you want to draw your attention to a great book about a healthy topic or another product with which you have already had a good experience, write to us! However, it is not through the comment function, but in the form of a contact request.

However, keep in mind that contact requests that contain questions about articles are not answered. This is still valid for posting comments.

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