4. Ginger against nausea

4. Ginger against nausea – Ginseng against cravings
It is often about quitting smoking to unpleasant symptoms, such as. For example, nausea. Ginger can help here. Ginger is taken in the form of tablets or capsules or as tea. Soothes the stomach and relieves nausea and discomfort. Ginger is as effective as traditional medicine, as Revies revealed in 2000, when six studies of ginger were analyzed.

Ginseng, in turn, should help you avoid cravings, which is often referred to as a withdrawal problem. With the help of two medicinal plants, ginger and ginseng, it is much easier to get out of cigarette addiction. Ginseng is usually taken as a capsule.

5. Omega 3 fatty acids help the body stop smoking.
Smoking increases blood pressure, the risk of stroke, inflammation and blood lipid levels. The omega 3 fatty acids work in the other direction and, therefore, can help reverse the adverse effects during years of smoking.

Therefore, the strict supply of omega-3 fatty acids of high quality and ease of use, such as those obtained from purely vegetable algae (Opti-3) is more than advisable during abandonment.

6. Vitamin B3 to facilitate the extraction of nicotine.
Dr. Michael Lesser, author of the brain chemistry program, recommends taking high doses of vitamin B3 (3000 to 6000 mg) during the first week of nicotine withdrawal, although there is still no scientific magnum trt evidence, before taking the daily dose next day. Two weeks to 1000 mg of vitamin B3 are reduced.

In the past, nicotinic acid was also called nicotinic acid: nicotine is made up of nicotine and amino acids in the tobacco plant. To avoid future confusion due to the similarity of the two names, now called vitamin B3 niacin.

However, there is also some similarity in the chemical composition of these two substances. It is now believed that when taken in high doses, vitamin B3 takes the niacin receptors that formerly occupied nicotine and produces a stimulating or relaxing effect. Nicotine abstinence can be relieved in this way.

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