Open the capsule and add the


Open the capsule and add the charcoal powder to the juice. It turns well. If you like ice cream, add ice cubes to the glass and fill it with water. Sweet to taste.

When is the best time for black lemon juice?
The black lemon juice is the best drunk on its own and ideally, only if you think you have to detoxify something that you have eaten previously or drunk or accidentally swallowed.

However, the beverage you simply consume at any time because it Overnight Lean Keto looks fresh, because activated charcoal can have side effects.

What are the side effects that activated charcoal can cause?
Since activated charcoal can absorb all kinds of substances, it usually does so with other medications or other means that are consumed at the same time. Therefore, you should wait at least two hours to drink black lemon juice after taking the medication. Therefore, never serve black lemon juice, if you do not know if the affected person can not take medication, which includes pills!

How good is black juice or black juice?
In addition, activated charcoal can bind a portion of the vital substances of the meals and, therefore, make them ineffective. Therefore, black lemon juice is not a beverage eaten with meals. Just as lemon juice should be enriched with valuable ingredients, juices, super foods, etc. That’s why Smuthes with activated carbon is for the cat. One would reduce the health value of the ingredients of other juices: fruits, vegetables and herbs.

On the other hand, black lemon juice contains a little lemon juice to improve the flavor, so it is the best solution if you want to use activated charcoal. It is not clear, however, if one can enjoy (full) vitamin C in lemonade.

Since activated carbon can have a filling effect, people who have problems here should be careful

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